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Are you tired of having to disconnect your computer pack it all into the car and bring it into a repair centre? Don’t worry we can come out to you at your Business or at your home no matter where you are!

Virus & Spyware Removal
Here at Signature Computer Services we are experts at removing viruses & spyware and cleaning up your system.

Improving Performance: Computer Running Slow?
Give us a call and we can get it going fast again.

We build custom computers  
If you’re into PC gaming simply tell us what you like playing and we’ll custom build you a computer that will let you run at all the highest settings while still achieving high frame rates.
If you work in graphic design using any 3D modelling software like Archicad, Google Rivet, 3D Max or even just use Photoshop a lot, we understand the system requirements to make these programs perform like you’ve never seen before. If you’re  after a workstation for home or business we have the right computer for you.

Laptop Repair Specialists
We repair all the major brands.

Data Recovery
Just when you think you’ve lost all the important data (photos, music, documents, emails, databases) that was on your business server, desktop computer, laptop or portable drive, there is a very good chance that we can recover that.

Backup Solutions for businesses of all sizes
Do you have a business computer that contains your accounting software and all the other information associated with your business? Ask yourself “If I lost all the information on this computer or server...”
- Would we know who owes us money?
- Would we be able to operate with the loss of all that information?
- How much will it cost in down time and what happens if we can’t get the data back?
Be proactive - don’t let it be a disaster for your business. We can have backing up working correctly and safely in no time, and be able to recover from the backup in under 1 hour.

Backup solutions for the home user
Now days all of our photos and music are stored on our computer, if the computer dies we lose all that history (just having a portable drive that you copy your data too occasionally is not sufficient -it’s our experience that people generally forget to backup if they have to do it manually themselves). We can provide you with the right software to have backups happen automatically - therefore you’re not the weak link in the backup chain.

Remote Support
If you can’t work out how to do something on your computer we can remote in (with your permission) and fix the problem for you.

We can network you home or business - wired & wireless.

Windows Home Server
Stores all your data, backup all laptops and computers, shares your photos via the web for friends and family to view.

Media Centre
Plays DVD & Blue Ray, records up to 4 channels at once, look at your family photos on your flat panel TV in 1080p, stores your music library, share content throughout your home through media extenders, pause live TV, stores all your DVDs, controlled via a simple infra-red remote.

Websites built and domain registration

Computer Spare Parts


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